Homeschool Science Give-Away

30 Sep

Well, I have had some recent technical difficulties, but I think I am now ready to do the give-away I promised in my last post.


Exploring Creation 3 Book Give-Away

Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day & Exploring Creation with Botany

Last year another blogger graciously sent us the “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day” book to use in our homeschool. Since this blogger was so nice to us, I thought I would pass the book along (as well as two other Apologia Science books).

As I already said, I have been having technical difficulties, so we are going to do this give-away the “old-fashioned” way. To be considered, you must follow my blog as well as leave a comment on this post.

To make it a little more fun, I don’t want random comments; instead, comment with the answer to this two part question: If you could rename any animal, which animal would it be and what would be the new name?

Let’s see if the homeschool parents can be as creative as the students (or ask your kids for a good answer to the question).

Please feel free to share this give-away throughout the week. This will end at 10pm CST Friday October 4. I will only count comments added by this time. I will announce the winner by the following Monday.

I hope everyone has a great week!


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