Updates Since I Went in Hiding

17 Sep

I have not posted in a while, and all I can say for myself is I kept meaning to, then I would get distracted. There is always something to clean/organize, or a book I need to read, or (insert excuse here). I have decided that enough is enough though, and I’m going to get back to it.

We have had plenty going on since the last time I posted. Danger Girl did compete in a pageant way back in July. She did not win, but she wants to do it again, so I call that a success.







Danger Girl is also keeping herself busy with karate and soccer. She was very excited because she got to play goalie in a scrimmage the other day. Actually, it was on her birthday, so that was probably part of the excitement. She really wants to be a goalie.

In the next month, she will be participating in another pageant, so be wishing her luck as that approaches. It is a smaller pageant than the one before, so maybe she will place this time.


In other news:

I am planning to have a give-away soon, so be checking back to find out more about that.

* Hint- It is a very popular science resource that I happen to have an extra copy of.





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