Danger Girl Gets a New Sidekick- HMJ 3-22-13

22 Mar

It is officially spring now, and we are still trudging along in our homeschool efforts. We are down a student as Chatterbox is no longer coming over, but we have a new student now.

Meet Curious. Our new addition to the family.
Meet Curious. Our new addition to the family.


Curious is our new Heinz dog. Her current studies are in potty training and remembering where her food bowl is. She does like books though, and if you are not careful she will try to devour a book as you read it.


What we are doing in school:

Danger Girl is still moving along pretty well in her subjects. I think she is tired of math, but she’ll just have to get over that one.

We have begun a flower garden in our front yard with all the things that butterflies and hummingbirds like. Danger Girl keeps the garden watered as well as her strawberry plants she just had to have. She is very excited to watch as the plants emerge. I get a report each day as to what the garden looks like. Hopefully everything will grow well. We also planted a peach tree, but I think we will have to wait a while before we see anything there.

We took a field trip to a plant nursery the other day, and Danger Girl got to ask several questions about her plants so I think that made her happy. We are planning another field trip soon to a local flower garden. I plan to have Danger Girl bring her art supplies and try her hand at drawing some of the things we see.

Everything else is moving along as normal. Danger Girl enjoys history, particularly determining which of the kings of Isreal and Judah were good or bad kings. We have a chart going right now.

We have begun reading “The Island of the Blue Dolphins” and she seems to enjoy the story. I think she likes any story where a girl is taking care of things. Danger Girl has also begun writing her own stories, and they are pretty ammusing. I will have to share some of them soon as she completes them.


In Our Life:

We are making preparations for Danger Girl to participate in the National American Miss Pageant in the summer. She is very excited, and I think it’s a great way to get her over some of her shyness. She did very well at the photo shoot they had at the open session. I will have to share the pictures when we get them. Until then here’s one I took:

NAM Session

We have found a pageant dress for her, but we still need to get her interview outfit. I think I will have to break down and go to a mall as much as I don’t want to. Right now we are practicing for her to speak to people to be sponsors. We made a list of possible people and she will start going around to speak to all of them soon.

The dress we are getting.

The dress we are getting.

It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but this is the dress she is getting for the pageant. This was our compromise between the one I liked for her and the one she liked.


Other than the pageant, things are going fairly smoothly right now. We are finally starting to clear away some of the old trees in our back yard. I say finally because we have lived here for about two years now and I feel like we haven’t done much work yet to fix up the house. I have a long list of things going, but they all need money. The good news is after we get the puppy potty trained I have a good excuse for why we should go ahead and replace the carpet 🙂


So, that’s what’s been going on with us. What are things looking like for you?


playing with dog



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